Saturday, January 28, 2012

New challenge blog

Hey there peoples.......very long time......nothing!!!!! We've had Christmas and New Year and a lot of stuff happen here. I now have a child with an unknown heart problem so we are in the middle of trying to find out what's wrong. I have had hives really bad for over 2 months and now find out that it's just an infection...PHEW!!! Back to school was last week for us and I have had appointments for the heart problem and then another one decided to get sick as well. I am really hoping that once the weekend is over that it will be all back to school and life will return to "normal" (what ever that is!! LOL) Not much scrapping has been happening but I am trying to fix that problem :)

Before Christmas and all the chaos hit, I heard about this new challenge blog starting up. The inspiration is a fabulous idea....kid's toys!!!! With 4 boys, I have a whole load of toys in the house and love the idea!!! They are having a DT call - which I nearly missed.

Here is the link for the DT call Child's Play Challenges

I know it's a bit late for the call but feel free to come play along with the inspiration every month.

I'm applying for the DT and here is the page I created using their picture as inspiration

Even if I don't make the DT, I still plan on playing along every month so please feel free to come join in.

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