Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well, it looks like I have finally done it! I've been thinking about doing this for a while but just haven't really known what to do. But there is nothing like jumping in the deep end and seeing how you I've taken the dive!! I've been checking out other blogs for quite a while and liked the idea of being able to show my work in one place. And some of my long distance friends can get on and see what I'm up too.

I've been scrapping for nearly 3 years now. I took my first class when my baby was 6 weeks old and he is 3 next weekend. I did card making for a year or so before I started scrapping. I was trying to resist scrapbooking for a long time because I knew once I started I would be hooked and sure enough I was.

Once I work out what I am doing then I will starting putting up some of my layouts.

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