Monday, September 14, 2009

OMG I think I worked it out!!!! Let's see how I go for the next one.

This one I just emailed of to 123 Challenge. For this challenge you had to use the word 'smile', some book paper and a non-scrapping item. I saw something the other day about ironing the plastic shopping bags and re-using them. Another form of recycling those blasted things!!! Anyway I gave it a go and it turned out really cool so I used them for the scallop trims and punched the flowers out of them.

I'm really enjoying doing these challenges. It's just whether or not I have the courage to actually send them off to the actual challenge that is the real issue. This is the first time I've sent one into this challenge. I always look at all the work on the various sites and think that my work isn't really up to that standard. But I am trying to take a new approach....if I don't give it a go then I will never know!!! So far it is working.

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