Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Little Bit Of Fun

Hey there

Let's hope Blogger is playing nice tonight because the other night it was being a little stinker!!!

So I did these 2 projects the other week just because I felt like it.

Here is the first one

A friend had done one of these and that inspired me to come home and do this one...
she was so excited that she had inspired me!! LOL
The butterfly and the papers are from Kaisercraft and the flowers are hand made and Green Tara.

The second project I did, I had half finished months ago...I completed the skirt ages ago but just couldn't decide what to do with the top half........well it hit me the other I completed it in no time :)


I love how it finished up...soo pretty...and yes I wound every single rose onto the wire's meant to be a jewellery stand but this is what I saw when I found it in the shop!!

TFL :)

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